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07-03-2010 until 08-03-2025
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SoCalSubies Supporter Membership: Sign Up Now!

We have had some requests for ways in which people could give back to the site and distinguish themselves. Receiving funds from supporting members allows SCS to not only make the site better, but also to host/sponsor events like S3, Subie Extravaganza, the SCS Mammoth Winter Meet, and SubieFest (and the ice cream truck). After speaking individually with a number of regular SCS diehards who test drove it, the supporting membership subscriptions are finally ready to use: Here is a complete list of benefits received for your SoCalSubies Supporter Paid Subscription. Here is the direct link to subscribe and get started. The Paid Subscriptions are also available from your 'USER CP' link. The Paid Subscriptions link is on the lower left side menu under Miscellaneous. This membership is 100% voluntary and even without it you will still have access to all the same features and forums you have come to expect with your regular membership. Those who signed up before July 2010 may continue to enjoy a few of the features enabled for Legacy Members who were adopters of the site as their favorite regional Subaru enthusiast site. There are two different supporting member accounts, the PREMIUM USER supporting paid membership subscription and the POWER USER paid membership subscription. The added benefits you receive for signing up as a PREMIUM USER are:
  • Donating Member User Title
  • 250 Private Message storage space
  • Ability to upload avatars (75x75 pixels)
  • Custom Signature (1 line of small text)
  • Ability to upload images to your posts (5MB limit)
  • Ability to upload a profile picture to your Profile Page
  • Member Name in Bold
  • 1 FREE Side Window Sticker
Here is the direct link to subscribe and get started. The added benefits you receive for signing up as a POWER USER are:
  • All of the benefits of a PREMIUM USER plus...
  • Privilege of changing member name (Once you sign-up, reuest this here)
  • Customizeable User Title (not just "Donating Member) (Once you sign-up, follow this "how to")
  • Custom Gold on Black Member Name Tag (Once you sign-up, follow this "how to")
  • 1000 Private Message storage space
  • Ability to upload BIGGER avatars (150x100 pixels)
  • Custom Signature with more pizazz! (2 lines of regular size text OR an image (700x100 pixels)
  • Ability to upload EVEN MORE images to your posts (10MB limit)
  • 2 FREE Side Window Sticker
  • Personal Email Address (25MB limit)
  • 15% Off SoCalSubies Gear Discount Code - 1 Time Use
Here is the direct link to subscribe and get started. Now a few rules about signing up:
  • You can only sign up with Paypal at this time. Please contact me if that is a serious issue for me.
  • The SoCalSubies Membership signup is a subscription, which means the payment will recur on the anniversary date of the purchase unless you login to your Paypal account and cancel the subscription through Paypal, which is just a few mouseclicks.
  • You are still just as responsible for your conduct, actions, and communications on SoCalSubies. No special exceptions or consideration is given to members who sign up.
  • If you sign up and your account is banned for violating the rules that govern or act in a manner that is offensive to a reasonable person, make threatening remarks, or disrespect another member of the forum, then you will not be entitled to a refund.
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