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Old 07-11-2012, 09:57 AM   #1
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illusin is progressing nicely
Default My story

My Story

So long story about me and my childhood. Lets say I grew up around racecars and motorcycles and have been around speed since I was 2 days old. I went for my first motorcycle ride with my mom when I was a week and a half old and was working on classic cars since I was able to walk. My grandfather was a Cadillac mechanic for 55 years and my mom was building 90 +ci Harleys when she was 17 years old . Worked on everything from my grandfathers 38 chrysler to my moms 69 mach 1 as a kid, so to say I wanted a fast fun car when I was old enough to drive about says it all.

When I was old enough my mom started letting me drive her mach 1 ( I lived in the country in Northern California at the time ) and ended up teaching me how to ride motorcycles at the same time (Started with a Honda 250 dirtbike and proceeded to a 888cc Harley sportster ) also got me involved in go cart racing and stuff among other things. I ended up in Alaska one summer working on my families gold mine and ended up coming home with a nest egg saved up for a car when I got my license. I ended up going up a few more times before my 16th birthday and ended up buying my supra and my wrx shortly afterwords . Long story short my supra ended up being a car I would drive on the weekends and my bugeye was a bone stock (for about 4 months ) car I drove from time to time when I was not driving my truck or another classic my mom and I restored ( 70 lincoln continental towncar).

Ill fast forward to semi close to the present, after being stationed in NY I ended up having a few car issues, speed sensor in the transmission went out, exhaust manifold and uppipe completely snapped I decided I was going to start looking for another car and I was heartset on a STI. As I ordered the parts to replace the issues I had on my bugeye I started doing some searching, the 06-07 STi’s had started to grow on me and I was looking at EVO 8-9’s also and it came down to what I was planning on doing. At the time I told myself I was going to basically leave it bone stock and not modify the crap out of this car like I had my supra and wrx and ended up picking up my STi in OCT. Car was BONE stock when I picked it up with about 17k miles on it, ended up purchasing it from a older gentleman who was not a fan of the stiff suspension and was going back to driving his Land Rover. The car ended up having a boost leak so I took it to MSPT tuning they ended up giving the car a one over and I got it back a few days later happy.

Well at the time I texted some friends about my new purchase and they started texting me stuff they had for sale at which point a deal came across that I could not pass up. A v2 accessport Cobb downpipe and hks carbon ti exhaust for 250 bucks, that whole stock situation lasted about a month but after a few hour drive to New Jersey I came home happy with a trunk full of goodies 

After a few hour removal and install of the parts at the shop ( IT was the middle of winter with a temp of 2 degrees outside) and some assistance from some guys I work with my car was ready to be flashed. Well the mod bug ended up hitting me pretty hard at this point and I started looking at other things I could do ended up getting hooked up with some wedsport sa70’s for 600 bucks with tires, also got my hands on some RCE yellows .

I ended up finding out I was getting deployed shortly there after, but first I had to make a journey to California for 4 months of schools, so I made a road trip out of it and ended up making it to Santa Maria in 3 days from East Moriches New York . While I was there I ended up picking up some DEFI gauges for about 300 bucks along with the control unit and Zero sports Cluster.
While I was deployed I decided I wanted to have some fun with my car, I ended up picking up a full Zero Sports body kit (Not installed yet, but soon), some Bright Chrome Advan RS-D’s 18x9 with some 255s sitting on them, and a rotated 30r kit along with the goodies to go along with it injectors fuel pump front mount ect.
Fast forward to the past 7 months, after receiving my vehicle from the Military Storage facility I found 2 wheel studs snapped off, both forward fender shrouds shredded, jackpoint on passenger side smashed and it looked like they basically raced my car while I was gone and beat the heck out of it. I knew I was going to need to look into buying or rebuilding my block at some point so I started keeping my eyes out for a built short block and I found one on Socal Subies (thanks Jex) . After paying it off I knew I had the basic starting block of another motor build it was saving up the money to get it installed.

After a few months I ended up getting redeployed again for a few months but after returning home I ended up having enough money ( or so I thought ) to complete my swap and make some decent power, so I took my car to Adan at AQ and we talked about everything but cars ( my family, my deployment ) and then we ended up having a seat and decided to talk business . Ended up settling on swap with my heads sent off to get ported, along with tgv deletes among a few other things such as when they were available for me to drop my car off. Let me just say that if anyone has not had the pleasure of dealing with AQ and Adan in particular you don’t know what your missing, he went out of his way to give me some of the best customer service I have ever received and made me feel like I was family, I Highly suggest stopping by if your ever in the area and need anything.

Ended up dropping my car off on june 1st and was told roughly 3 weeks ( that was before headwork ) and I proceeded to enjoy my 3 week vacation or so I thought. Few days later I get a phone call from Adan saying that when they were draining all the fluid from my car it looked like brown water was my coolant.
Apperently while I was deployed instead of the storage unit adding anti freeze they decided ti add tap water which ate up my radiator and all associated hoses. Also found out that when they removed the timing belt covers ended up finding those cracked among other things. Basically I ended up needing to replace the following,
Several Valves
Radiator with associated hoses
Water pump
Timing belt along with tensioners
Motor mounts

But finally after a month and a half of waiting ( and driving a miata lol ) I got a phone call yesterday saying my car was ready and they just got it back from churches after being tuned. Car wanted more power but I wanted something I could drive on the street so I told them ill come back at a later date ( bigger injectors and EBCS along with some headers ).

Mods to date so far
Cusco z2r’s with camber plates
Wedsports sa70’s 18x8 +4? Offset (winter Rims)
Stock Sti BBS’s (track setup that’s beat to crap)
Advan RS-D’s 18x9 +35 offset wrapped in some 255 35 r18’s
Project kics r40 neochrome lug nuts
Machine work was done by Outfront, assembly by AQ Motorsports.
Bored and honed to 100mm.
Polished Crank
100mm JE Pistons (OEM Compression)
manley turbo tuff rods
Darton sleeves
ACL Race Bearings
OEM gaskets
Killer-B Oil Pickup
Ported and polished heads
TGV Deletes
*OLD Perrin 3076 rotated Kit
*New 6466
Turbo XS front mount
*OLD Dw 850 cc injectors ( Looking for some 1250’s)
*New Injector Dynamics Top Feed Fuel Rails
*New Injector Dynamics Top Feed 2000cc Fuel Injectors
Cobb Downpipe
Exedy Stage 2 Cerametallic Clutch
ACT Streetlite Flywheel
Grimmspeed 3 port EBS
Carbon Ti HKS Exhaust
Koyo Radiator with mishimoto hoses and koyo 1.3 bar cap
* Old Shawn Church tuned on 91 521 hp with 488 ft lbs of torque
Now tuned on low/High boost 91 high boost 91 and e85 and c16 660+ hp

Interior /Exterior
Defi Imperial gauges Oil temp and Boost
Defi link 2
Innovative Afr Wideband
Zero sports Cluster
Carbon fiber hood
Do luck trunk (authentic but in storage)
Replica Do luck trunk everyday driving
Zerosports body kit ( awaiting paint/Install)
Sparco Milano 2 (waiting on seat brackets )

Low boost tune still doing 500+ lol

associated pics of my bugeye

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Old 07-11-2012, 10:34 AM   #2
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Oce420 is progressing nicely

Awesome bugeye and hawkeye!!!
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Old 07-11-2012, 10:41 AM   #3
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OhSixAspenSTi is progressing nicely

i wanna see the hawkeye on the advans !
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Old 07-11-2012, 10:42 AM   #4
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lance is learning the ropes

Damn dude!!! Awesome.
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Old 07-11-2012, 10:53 AM   #5
I <3 pinky
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I <3 pinky is progressing nicely

Ahhh ... I want your advans for my SI
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Old 07-11-2012, 11:00 AM   #6
Terrible Juan
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Terrible Juan is setting a good example

Car looked good last night at Long Beach. Nice meeting you.
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Old 07-11-2012, 11:59 AM   #7
Taking out the trash
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crzywhiteman01 is progressing nicely

Lookin' good mike !

"I am not a meteorologist." -Marcus Gronholm
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Old 07-11-2012, 05:14 PM   #8
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subajoo is progressing nicely

Evan Davis Motorsport
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Old 07-11-2012, 06:50 PM   #9
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criticalm@SS is progressing nicely

come help me diagnose my baby and I will make it worth your while.
Good write up I enjoyed it, thanks for posting.
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Old 07-11-2012, 07:30 PM   #10
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nice stuff
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